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Tips to help men navigate family law

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Author: D. Kenneth Leigh

 Divorce can be horrible. For most people, it’s the most stressful event in their lives —more stressful than the death of a family member. And not only is the experience itself often loathsome, but the consequences of terminating a marriage can be devastating. Divorce has permanently damaged the careers, net worth and valued relationships of countless men. If you are looking at this book, you are likely about to enter the most trying and difficult phase of your life. And if your case is not handled properly, you've got a lot to lose. 

But there is good news. This book can lessen the pain, lower the stress and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome for you. As the founder and leader of Florida’s largest family law firm, I’ve devoted my life to fighting for men in family court and helping them rebuild their lives and families after divorce. If you are about to enter the uncharted waters of family court, I can show you where the rocks are and help you navigate your way to a safe harbor with issues including custody/timesharing, alimony modification, relocation, paternity, child support, and of course, divorce.

This book is not a theoretical treatise written by an academic. It contains practical advice and useful tips gleaned from my firm’s experience in men-only family law. With over 100 years of combined experience, our legal team is lead by attorneys focused on the law firm’s mission statement: To provide unparalleled client care as we aggressively move our client’s case along to a quick and fair resolution. The firm will always be fully prepared and the client will always be well-informed. The chapters were assembled and distilled from years of written tips I drafted for men.

Parts of the collection, which eventually became known as "Tips for Navigating a Divorce”, has been published in blogs, memos and articles. Those resources have enlightened business executives, political leaders, blue-collar workers, athletes and young fathers for years, and earned praise from legal professionals throughout Florida. I was actually unaware that these documents would be preserved, and one day assembled together into a single book as a resource for men.The book is intended for men only because men face unique challenges in family court and men make different types of mistakes than women make, during a divorce.  Two chapters are devoted to why men lose in divorce court, 10 chapters to child custody and additional chapters on how adultery and social media can affect your case. Of course, the ramifications of divorce extend well beyond the courtroom, so I've also included advice I've given to my clients over the years on being a single father, dating after a divorce and other lifestyle topics.

If you're a man about to go through a divorce, or any family law matter, this book is for you.


 –Good luck. Kenny


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